EMS workers surprise family with gifts for Christmas

EMS workers surprise family with gifts for Christmas

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It has been a trying end of the year for a Baton Rouge family. In October, their apartment home caught fire. First responders said when they got the call, they were told people were trapped inside and there were some serious injuries.

When they arrived at the apartment complex on North 23rd Street, fire was through the windows of apartment six. Inside were two adults and a 6-year-old girl. They were all unconscious. Another girl, 7, had been pulled to safety by a neighbor.

"I woke up in the hospital and I had some machines down my throat," said Angelica Conrad. "I remember seeing family members surrounding me, singing gospel songs."

Conrad, 31, then learned that her 6-year-old, Andrea, was in pediatric ICU at another hospital. She spent several weeks there. Paramedics didn't think she was going to survive.

"The last time I went to the hospital to check on Andrea, she wasn't there," said Mark Wilson, the EMS worker that cared for the little girl on the way to the hospital.

Two weeks after Conrad was released from the hospital, she was taken back to the hospital. This time, because of her injuries in a serious car accident. Her chest was fractured and she required surgery to her face.

Wilson just happened to be at the hospital when Conrad was brought in. He's kept in touch with the family, and after talking to co-workers, EMS decided to adopt them this Christmas.

On Thursday, they delivered the presents they'd collected. One of Wilson's co-workers donated $300 so the family would have presents under the tree.

Wilson said he just wanted the pressure to be off Conrad this Christmas.

"She's a single mom and she was working two jobs, but after all that she can't work right now," he said.

Conrad's children were so excited as the workers made several trips back and forth collecting presents to fill the tree. The girls searched the stacks of gifts looking to find which ones had their name.

"This one's for your momma," Wilson said, as he handed over one present.

"This is the best Christmas I ever had," said Conrad.

She said several times she has questioned God about why this all happened to her. She said there's a reason she survived both those accidents.

"This will be your testimony, you are here for a purpose," she said God told her.

While she's thankful she is still here, she said the biggest and best blessing is that her daughters are still here and that God gave her an angel on Earth in Mark Wilson.

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