Killian police pass out holiday ham to reward good drivers

Killian police pass out more than tickets this Christmas

KILLIAN, LA (WAFB) - Drivers are used to being pulled over by the police. Tuesday, in the town of Killian, several people were surprised to find blue lights behind them.

"Oh my goodness, what did I do?" asked one woman, when the police chief told her to get out of her truck.

For the past two days, officers there have made double-digit stops. They've pulled over drivers who say they've done nothing wrong.

"I guess you're wondering why I pulled you over?" Chief Dennis Hill asked another driver. "Yea, is my sticker already expired? I just got the thing in the mail."

Once they find out why they have been stopped, they are very confused.

"You cooking for Christmas? Do you have a ham?" officers asked.

Hill says he just wanted to bless people in the community. So he and his officers watch for people who are following all the rules, pull them over and then present them with a Christmas ham.

"If you're doing wrong, you get a reward by getting a ticket. If you're doing right nobody ever says anything," Hill said.

It's something they've done for the past six years. Hill says it started as just a delivery to the shut in that live in Killian. They ended up with several leftover hams and decided to pull people over to hand out the rest. The tradition stuck, but not many know about it.

This year, the chief invited his pastor, Pastor T, along to pray for those they pull over.

"You never know what they've been going through. They could be having a bad day, lost a family member." Hill said.

One woman they stopped and prayed with is spending her second Christmas without her husband. He died two years ago.

The last traffic stop of the day made everyone chuckle, when the police chief asked Santa Claus to step out of his vehicle. He said the next time he travels through Killian, he'll make sure he's in his sleigh.

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