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Warm temps causing spring flowers to bloom

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People have probably heard of "Christmas in July," but this year, it feels like it. Even though it is officially winter, south Louisiana is enjoying temperatures in the upper 70's and it's expected to be 80 degrees for Christmas Eve. 

So if anyone is confused on whether to put on flip flops or boots or coats or a tee-shirt, the flowers and plants are just as confused. 

"We're having unseasonable warm weather this winter causing the plants to be tricked by Mother Nature into blooming when they're not supposed to be blooming this time of the year," said Earl Rish, nursery manager at Louisiana Nursery. 

Rish said flowers people would only see around spring are in full bloom right now. 

Some azaleas and certain roses that are usually limited to the spring are blooming. One plant that has even Rish confused is the leopard plant with a beautiful yellow flower and it's rare to see crossandras coming up this time of the year. Some plants are rare in season now too. 

"This is the old foliage here. This is the fresh, new foliage that's come out just recently and we want this to be hardened off like this before the freeze comes along because this being tender can be damaged by the freeze," said Rish. 

Also confused? Bees. 

"They should be dormant themselves, but they're grabbing all the nectar they can get," said Rish. 

People are advised not to fertilize this time of the year. And what does this mean for the plants and flowers that are blooming now when spring comes? 

"Consequently, they're not going to bloom. You will have some sporadic blooms that are deep in the plant, but most of the plants, the blooms are going to be already burned off," said Rish. 

If  there is a hard freeze, Rish advises covering the flowers or plants to keep them from dying. 

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