Livingston Parish Children's Choir sings for its second governor's inauguration

Livingston Parish Children's Choir sings for its second governor's inauguration

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - January 11 will be a memorable day for Denham Springs High School senior Elizabeth Haley. It will be another extraordinary performance in her short life.

The straight A student is a member of the Livingston Parish Children's Choir. The group will be performing at John Bel Edwards' gubernatorial inauguration.

Elizabeth was in the fourth grade when choir sang for one of Bobby Jindal's inaugurations. So she's had quite a run as a member of the outstanding young performer's group.

Founder and director Barbara Walker said Elizabeth kind of blazed a trail within the group. The choir originally was formed 25 years ago, and at first, did not allow very young children to perform.

"Well she (Elizabeth) started in kindergarten with the apprentice choir," Walker explained. "In fact, she was the reason I originally let her in the choir! At that time, I did not think kindergartners were able to tackle the demands of the children's choir, but she proved me wrong. She showed me that they can."

When a child commits to the parish choir, it's work.

The 36 singers who are in the advanced choir commit to practice two hours a week. Because they don't have a community center in Denham Springs, Walker said they rehearse at First Baptist Church in Denham Springs.

Walker has about 50 children in the apprentice choir. Their weekly rehearsal time is shorter: an hour and 15 minutes. That rehearsal takes place at New Covenant Church in Denham Springs.

Now in her 13th year with the choir, Haley lists the experiences, the concerts, the adventures as wonderful memories.

"Obviously, I love the opportunities. We performed in the Vatican, in the Salzburg Dome and two inaugurations. How many kids can say that!?" said Haley.

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