BREC Extreme Sports Park closed due to graffiti

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(Source: WAFB)
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - UPDATE: BREC has announced that area citizens have cleared the graffiti. More information can be found HERE. The original story is below.

A recreational jewel in the Capital City is closed to skaters until further notice. BREC roped off its Extreme Sports Park on Perkins Road after someone littered it with graffiti.

Skaters who show up at the park are welcomed with bright yellow tape. Pat Fellows and Sam Stroope said it is a big bummer for their children who are eager to skate during Christmas break.

"My kid asks me every single day to go to the skate park. Can we go? Can we go," Pat Fellows said.

"I use the park regularly, my children do, and so it's terrible to have it closed," Sam Stroope said.

BREC officials closed the park after someone spray painted the word "chap" on the sidewall of what is referred to as the skate pool. Special Facilities Manager Jason Hoggatt said it happened on Sunday afternoon when the park was packed with people.

"One of my regulars saw it, heard it, ran over yelled at him and he hightailed it out of here," Hoggatt said.

Hoggatt said no one recognized the chap holding the can, but the damage is done. He said everyone will be kept out until someone cleans up the mess. BREC refuses to do it.

"We've taken a lot of pride in this park to eliminate graffiti, which can be a problem at other skate parks around the country, and we've found this measure of closing it until it's cleaned up goes a long way to prohibit it from happening again," Hoggatt said.

While it is disappointing to those who respect park property, Fellows and Stroope think BREC might be on to something.

"It's a cool idea. It's like, hey you know what, this is all of ours and if you can't keep it nice then you don't get to use it. Maybe whoever culprit is will do right thing and go out there clean it up," Fellows said.

Patrons hope the culprit will see the writing on the walls.

"It's really a precious and amazing resource and someone has disrespected that," Stroope said.

BREC officials said they plan to take legal action against the vandal.

BREC plans to announce when the park will re-open on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

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