57 new Troopers graduate from LSP cadet class

57 new Troopers graduate from LSP cadet class

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana State Police welcomed 57 new Troopers Thursday at the graduation of the latest LSP Cadet class.

The LSP Cadet Class 94 began on August 30 with 80 cadets from across the state. Of those 80 cadets, 57 made it through the intense physical boot camp and training in several different areas including emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving detection, crash investigation and traffic incident management.

"You can't describe. It's indescribable. I graduated from Marine boot camp in 1997. I have to say the police academy was harder," said Trooper Jeffrey Roach. "You go home on Friday night and come back Sunday night. You get 48 hours, about 48 hours to be with your family and it's extremely stressful because you know you have the option of staying home. You can stay home if you want and you obviously won't get this gold boot and that I would have to say that separates it."

At Thursday's graduation, the new Troopers were given the LSP's golden boot badge. State Police Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson and Governor Bobby Jindal also spoke during the ceremonies which were held at the BREC Independence Park Theatre in Baton Rouge.

"These remarkable men and women have made a decision to embark on a lifetime of public service knowing the extraordinary risks with their chosen profession," said Colonel Edmonson. "The badge they wear is a testament to the hard work, personal sacrifices, and dedication they have put forth towards becoming Louisiana State Troopers.  Nonetheless, the privilege of wearing the LSP gold badge must be continually earned as they will be held to the highest standards of honor, integrity, respect, and service as they continue the proud tradition of the Louisiana State Police."

This was LSP's third cadet class to graduate since May 2014. The two other classes graduated 46 Troopers on May 22, 2014 and 58 Troopers on April 10.

The new Troopers will now spread across Louisiana at different troops for field training with a senior Trooper over 12 to 14 weeks.

To learn more about the process of becoming a Louisiana State Trooper, visit LSP's recruiting page or contact the local LSP Public Information Officer.

The Louisiana State Police Commission is currently accepting applications. Visit its website for more information on cadet testing.

Louisiana State Police Cadet Class #94 graduates and their Troop assignments:

Troop A – Baton Rouge
David Hernandez
Trenton Palmer
Derrick Parish 
Casey Sanchez

Troop B – New Orleans
Benjamin Covell
Cameron Crockett
Mason Davis
Jordan Garrett 
Daniel Graff
Darnon Harper
Garrett Jackson
Lance Kramer 
Andrew Mai    
Brian Melvin  
Michael Mims 
Joseph Patane 
Carlos Pineda  
Santiago St. Clair
Jared Taylor

Troop C – Houma/Gray
Brittany Caughlin
Garrett Leboeuf
Justin Leonard 
Blake Poincon

Troop D – Lake Charles
Joseph Goodly            
Brooke Hebert 
Derek Senegal

Troop E - Alexandria
Allen Jackson
Christopher Kelley
Christopher Owens
Corey Patin

Troop F - Monroe
Emmanuel Delasalle
Adam Haneline
Timothy Parker
Darren Ragland

Troop G - Shreveport
John Axsom
Nicholas Blake
Bradley Choate
Brandon Cobb 
Brian Coghlan 
Coltan Haynes 
Melvin Massey
Christopher Perry
Karan Sharma 
Marc S. Taylor II
Glenn Younger

Troop I - Lafayette
Vincent Aiola 
Jeremy Broussard
Terry Butts
Ryan Davis
Kasha Domingue

Troop L - Mandeville
Jacob Allen
Jeremy Cornette
Dan'l Johnson 
Jacob Long
Todd McConnell
Jeffrey Roach
Christopher Sollie

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