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BR neighborhood on lookout for man accused of posing as cop, groping teen

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Residents in one Baton Rouge neighborhood are concerned about a man they say is posing as a police officer to lure young girls into compromising situations. 

Carla Stewart said her teenage daughter ran up to her crying saying that a "police man" had touched her. 

"He could be doing this to somebody else's daughter," she said. "I could've lost my daughter! I could've lost my daughter." 

The family called police to report the incident and want others be on the lookout. Stewart said her daughter described the man as black and driving a dark-colored truck. Other neighbors said they have seen him in the neighborhood previously. 

The family said the man flashed a ‘tag’ and told the girl he was a cop and investigating a matter in the area. 

"He was like 'Come here, put your hands on the car,' so she put her hands on the car," said Tracey Heard, the victim’s sister. "So he started searching or you know, lifting up her shirt and feeling all around and between her legs and so she turned around and she started crying.” 

The man eventually let the teenager go after she began to sob loudly. 

Anyone with any information is urged to call the Baton Rouge Police Department at (225) 389-2000. 

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