Hoverboards continue to sell out in Baton Rouge despite concerns over fire safety

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(Source: WVUE)
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Hoverboards are still flying off the shelves in Baton Rouge despite concerns over them being a fire hazard.

At B Footwear in Baker, they have sold 100 boards and still have an extensive waiting list.

"People lately have been coming in and buying these things off the racks. As fast as we can get the order shipped, they're sold out," said Magan Brown, a clerk at B Footwear.

Louisiana State Fire Marshal Butch Browning said exploding hoverboards caused two house fires in Louisiana over the past month. One was in Lafitte and the other in Prairieville.

"Both units were being charged at the time of the fire and both units caused damage to homes," Browning said.

He said he believes that in both cases the owners left the hoverboards plugged in for too long. Most do not need to be charged for more than an hour or two. Otherwise they can overheat.

As a result, the folks at B Footwear are sure to remind customers to limit their charging. Brown said they tell customers the fires happened because the users "weren't taking care of them or weren't following directions."

"You can't fall asleep" with them plugged in, she said.

Hoverboards also allegedly caused at least eight other fires across the nation.

Not all hoverboards are created equal. The fire marshal recommends looking for an inspection sticker and reading the owner's manual for instructions regarding charging.

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