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Baton Rouge City Court releases final numbers for warrant amnesty program

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The final numbers were released for an amnesty program that allowed people in Baton Rouge to clear outstanding warrants without facing jail time.

City Court officials say that nearly 1,000 people cleared some 2,500 warrants. Many of those helped were repeat offenders with several warrants. One man had 25 warrants.

The court saw so many people show up that many cases had to be handled days after the event ended on Saturday, December 5. Those with rain checks had the opportunity to go to court all last week. 

Amnesty Day was in part aimed at cutting back on the backlog of outstanding warrants in the parish. Current estimate have the number at more than 160,000. Most of those are misdemeanors – especially traffic-related.

No word yet on how many people were helped by the 19th JDC. Those with rain checks from from District Court had to go Monday, December 7 to receive the same amnesty as those helped on December 5.

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