Sean Payton addresses Mark Ingram's injury, replacements

Sean Payton addresses Mark Ingram's injury, replacements

NEW ORLEANS (WAFB) - New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton addressed running back Mark Ingram's injury at his Thursday press conference.

The team put Ingram on the injured reserve list Wednesday due to a season ending shoulder injury.

Was Mark Ingram's shoulder injury kind of an accumulation of things over a couple of weeks?
"Yes, he had the shoulder and then after this past game he had another MRI done and there was more damage done to it and at that point he knew the club knew after the MRI that he had on Monday that he was going to have it fixed. He's getting it done today and will go through the offseason rehab, but it got worse after the Carolina game. He is tough. I think was playing good football for us, but after this MRI it was clear."

What was the nature of the injury?
"It's his left shoulder (torn rotator cuff) and it's the same shoulder that kept him out (of part of the Washington game). He had an AC sprain and then after this past game he knew it felt different and they went in and did the MRI and Dr. (James) Andrews is doing the surgery on his torn left rotator cuff."

With C.J. Spiller, have you not seen all you expected this year so far?
"Well we're going to get a chance to see him now. I think the training camp injury set him back some and then it's just a matter of the confidence and explosion off that knee, but he will play a significant role as will Tim Hightower and even (Marcus) Murphy."

That has been what has held Spiller back the most?
"I think the injury in training camp affected him. It's the one player that I'm trying to figure out what are the touches and I think that put him behind and hopefully down the stretch we can give him enough touches to see."

Talk a little bit about Tim Hightower and what you've seen from him since he's been back?
"I mentioned this (but) through training camp, we got a chance to see him run. He came off of the roster and then back on the roster. He finally received some touches in a regular season game against Washington. He's competitive, he's tough and he's been in that spotlight (before). I think, for him, it's the confidence that the injury and the leg is 100 percent (now). I am excited to see him play, just like I am with C.J. It'll be a good opportunity (for the both of them)."