Christmas comes early for two kids thanks to Hammond police officer

Christmas comes early for two kids thanks to Hammond police officer

HAMMOND, LA (WAFB) - Officer Tim Bachot, a reserve officer with the Hammond Police Department brought Christmas to two young kids early this year.

Bachot, who has been a reserve officer for almost a year, volunteers every month to assist his fellow officers and the community.

On November 27, Bachot met two kids, 10-year-old Gwendolyn Alexander and her brother 9-year-old Anthony Alexander, while patrolling Hayden Village in the Rosewood Subdivision.

When Gwendolyn and Anthony rushed to his car excited to see him, they began to thank him for being a police officer and sharing with Bachot about wanting to become police officers when they grow up.

Bachot got out of his vehicle and hung out with the kids and talked to them for a little while.

At one point during their conversation, he asked them what they wanted for Christmas to which they both replied, "Bicycles!"

When Bachot left, he says that he was so moved by Gwendolyn and Alexander's excitement and future dreams that he went to the store and bought two bicycles.

Bachot then returned to Hayden Village and delivered the bikes to the kids.

"The joy on their faces was priceless," says Bachot.

After Bachot's act of kindness, the Hammond Local 345 Police Union established a Toys for Tots project.

Monetary donations are currently being accepted online at a GoFundMe account.

New toys are also being accepted at the Hammond Police Station at 120 South Oak Street.

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