Gov. Jindal, Gov.-elect Edwards hold joint news conference

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Louisiana's current governor and the future governor met Tuesday afternoon to discuss how they will move forward and transition.

The meeting happened at the Governor's Mansion and only one bit of public policy was jointly addressed. Jindal said the two discussed the school voucher program privately, but asked a favor during the meeting.

"I made a personal request to John Bel and he agreed to it readily, and he said he's already done it," said Jindal. "One of the things that's been important to me is the scholarship program, it's something we worked hard on. I just asked before they made any decisions, they meet with the children, the parents, who are involved in that program to hear from them. He readily agreed to that and said he's already begun to do that."

Edwards didn't touch on the vouchers to the media, but did say he'd issue an executive order protecting LGBT state employees, which is something Jindal would not do.

During the new conference, the current governor stressed that even though politicians have differences, they are more likely to put those differences aside to propel the state more than their national counterparts.

"Louisiana has had a tradition, unlike D.C., where people do work across party lines," said Jindal. "You may remember, my first term as governor we had a democratic majority in the house and the senate and we were able to get a lot of things done that were important to us."

"What unites us all is that we're all Louisianaians first," said Edwards. That wasn't just the theme of my campaign. That's how I'm going to govern."

Governor Bobby Jindal and Governor-elect John Bel Edwards will spend the next 41 days putting the plan they come up with into action.

Governor-elect Edwards will officially take office on Jan. 11.

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