Crime Stoppers: Holiday Heartbreak

Crime Stoppers: Jeramy Cotton murder

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The holiday season should be filled with joy, love and giving. Instead one family in Baton Rouge is having to deal with sadness and hate. A horrible anniversary has rolled around, and they are still dealing with so many unanswered questions.

"I went in the room to check on my two sons and something told me to look out the back window. Nothing but crime tape," says Crystal Cotton. She remembers that day explicitly. It was the day she lost her husband. On November 30, 2010, the 600 block of North Carrollton turned into a crime scene.

Her husband, Jeramy Cotton was found dead behind their apartment complex.

Detective Christopher Rudy with the Baton Rouge Police Department has been working the case from the very beginning.  "We think he came home from a night out," he recalls. "Some people maybe lured him back here."

As the police lights flashed and her texts and phone calls to her husband went unanswered. Crystal became more and more worried, so she went down to the scene.

The first person she ran into was an officer working the shooting.  "He said, 'Let me ask you this, did your husband got to Club Dreams tonight?'  That's when I knew it was him."

It's not enough that her high school sweetheart, her kids daddy, was taken from her. She believes the killer and her husband were friends. Some of the circumstances surrounding that night are just too eerie.

"Whoever did it, I think he knew," she says.  "When I heard the gunshots and I looked out the window, my car wasn't there. So I'm thinking whoever did it, they drove my car back and left my keys on my neighbors car."

The car was parked in front of their apartment 20 minutes after the shooting.

How'd it get back and who drove it? She believes it's the same person who took away her children's father.

"My baby boy asks when we go to the grave, when is he going to get up and come back? My kids, it took them forever to start sleeping back in their
room.  When they look outside they know that's where daddy's body was."

Heartbreak and sadness every time the holidays roll around. At some level it may always be there, but if an arrest is made, maybe they can begin to move forward. Maybe those holidays won't be about what was taken from them, but instead what was given back. A reason to be thankful.

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