Local businesses dive into Cyber Monday

Local businesses dive into Cyber Monday

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - More than 121 million consumers were expected to surf for sales on Cyber Monday. The early rush overwhelmed some websites like Target and Paypal.  Other major carriers, like Amazon, are already feeling the holiday rush.

Adobe Digitial predicted 2015 may see a record $3 billion spent on Cyber Monday. Not to be left out, local businesses are using Cyber Monday to attract shoppers.

"Cyber Monday is for online businesses, what Black Friday is for your big box retailers. It's a chance to basically increase sales by offering really good deals," said Indi Plate co-founder Ben Bartage.

Baton Rouge based Indie Plate is an online grocery delivery site. Bartage says their goal is to bring the farmer's market to your doorstep in just a few clicks.  In its second year, Bartage expects their Cyber Monday sales to nearly double a normal shopping day.

"We want to offer some good deals. We want to make our customers happy, so we did that," said Bartage.

Another local business looking to expand into the world of cyber shopping is Merci Beaucoup.  After ten years in a brick and mortar building, the store recently added a new website.

"We are finding that a lot more customers are prefer to be able to shop from home," said manager Leah Messer.

Experts say a third of Cyber Monday shoppers are doing it all from their phone or tablet.  Still, Messer says their store continues to thrive by offering what online and big box stores can't.

"I find that people are moving away from wanting to shop the larger stores and they're wanting to get something a little more intimate, a little more unique from these smaller businesses like ourselves," said Messer.

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