Father getting paychecks garnished for someone else's kids

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It sounds like a story you'd hear on some seedy TV talk show, but it's become a Baton Rouge man's real life.

He's happily married to the mother of his three kids. So, imagine his surprise when his paychecks started getting garnished for "child support" for kids he says he's never even heard of!

Last month, Johnathan L. Smith's employer received this letter from the State Department of Children and family services, or DCFS.

It told his employer to deduct $243 every two weeks for child support. The letter is regarding a person by the name of Johnathan D. Smith.

How could a mix-up like this happen? Tune in to 9News at 6 to see what's being done about it.

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