Sportsline Player of the Week: St. James's Lowell Narcisse (Week 12)

ST. JAMES, LA (WAFB) - With each game bringing teams closer to the Superdome, the WAFB Sportsline Player of the Week for the second round of the playoffs certainly helped his team move towards the Class 3A championship game.

The South Louisiana quarterback who picked Auburn over LSU this summer said he's waiting until after his season to comment on a possible coaching change in Baton Rouge. However after coming back from a torn ACL to lead St. James to an upset over No. 2-seed Eunice 24-7, Lowell Narcisse has his sights set on the Superdome.

"We got off to a good start, but when Lowell came in we played at a whole other level on the offensive side of the ball," said St. James head coach Dwain Jenkins. "There's a whole lot of things you can do as a coach, but that play he makes at the end of the first half, is something that you can't coach."

The junior quarterback ran for 137 yards and a touchdown. He also was 13 of 20 with 114 passing yards and two touchdowns.

"You saw from day one there was something special about him and we just went with him as a freshman at quarterback, made back to back trips to the quarterfinals and he's coming into his junior year with all the expectations in the world and have a shot to win a state championship this year and he goes down in May and he's the best football player on our team," said Jenkins.

"It was devastating when I found out. It didn't seem real until the jamboree and I realized all my players were about to go out and play and I'm about to sit on the sideline and watch them," said Narcisse.

"He was still trying to help Demarcus as much as possible. Demarcus Williams was a sophomore who had to step in for Lowell," said Jenkins.

"It's hard trying to hide all your frustrations from your teammates. You still have to be a leader out there for the rest of your team," said Narcisse.

After rehab and prayer and hard work, Narcisse got the okay the Thursday before the first playoff win against Green Oaks.

"Getting dressed before the game all of them were kind of excited," said Narcisse.

"Five months and a couple of weeks ago he tore his ACL and thought his junior year was lost. And really prayed a lot and worked real hard and everything kind of fell into place and he had an opportunity to come back for the playoffs and his impact on our football team can't be measured," said Jenkins.

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