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EMS suggests people use extra caution when putting up decorations

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If you're starting to decorate for the holidays this week, emergency officials want to make sure you stay safe.

Whether you're dressing your tree or hanging lights, first responders recommend taking a little extra time to make sure everything is just right.

They said it can save you a lot of time and maybe even a trip to the emergency room. They added to make sure you cover any exposed wires, keep trees away from any flames or fire and if you're using a ladder, make sure it's sturdy.

"You got to be careful," said Mike Chustz with Baton Rouge EMS. "Take your time. It takes some people 20 minutes. It takes some people eight hours to do all their decorations, but take an extra few minutes and inspect those wires and extension cords and ladders and make sure someone is there with you in case you do have an accident."

Officials also said if you plan on getting a real Christmas tree, make sure you keep it watered to prevent it from drying out and potentially catching fire.

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