Uber driver turns fundraiser for Alzheimer's Services

Uber driver turns fundraiser for Alzheimer's Services

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Imagine using a driver to get to Black Friday shopping or a weekend bustling.

There's a special Uber driver who'll do it for a cause.

Tommy Talley, a media production wiz, moonlights as an Uber driver and from November 23 to November 30, he's donating all the fares he collects as a driver to Capital Area Alzheimer's Services.

Talley calls it his "Ride for a Cause" and asks you to pay for your ride, so he can donate it to support the work of Alzheimer's Services. Well, when Mercedes Benz of Baton Rouge heard what he was doing, it offered to lend him a brand new car to use and Talley's business, Tommy's TV, will install Go-Pro-looking cameras to record your chat with the driver during the ride.

Talley may talk about Alzheimer's awareness…

"Right now, 47 million people across the globe are living with Alzheimer's and dementia and that number is set to skyrocket to 76 million by 2030 as baby boomers age," Talley said. "Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area provides critical services to people in our community who are suffering with this disease and their caretakers. Using Uber will allow me to bring awareness to people of all ages about this disease and the services Alzheimer's Services offers."

Whatever he talks about will be fascinating, because this looks like a social experiment in charitable fundraising. Take a look at Talley wearing the hat. Doesn't he look like a classic "driver?"

To conjure "Ride for a Cause," you must have an Uber app on your smartphone.

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