OUR TURN - Lt. Governor's Positive Campaign

OUR TURN - Lt. Governor's Positive Campaign

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It seems that every election is nastier than the one before. The race for Louisiana governor's job was so hateful and mean-spirited, one of the candidates even stepped across party lines to hurt his opponent in the runoff.

Our state and our nation face real challenges, and it's very hard make informed choices about who should lead our government when the candidates are all running their campaigns like schoolyard bullies. So, it was refreshing to see the campaign between Billy Nungesser and Kip Holden for Lieutenant Governor. Nungesser prevailed at the ballot box, but both men are winners for choosing to run positive campaigns during the runoff.

One of chief duties of the Lieutenant Governor is to advertise Louisiana as a tourist destination to people who live in other states. It's good to know that our new Lieutenant Governor has some experience running a positive campaign.

Attack ads would probably not work too well selling our state as a tourism destination. That's "Our Turn." Now, it's your turn.

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