Official count of Ascension Parish president vote expected Tuesday

GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - President-Elect Kenny Matassa told 9News Monday from his election headquarters he's ready to lead Ascension Parish.

"We've got a great parish and great people who live here and I'm just so fortunate that they elected me to run the parish for the next four years," said Matassa.

The 19-year Gonzales city councilman says his first priority will be improving roads, like widening some on school routes. He says he'll apply for gr ants when he takes office.

"We've got some parish roads that are too narrow for the two buses to pass at the same time and that's too dangerous," said Matassa.  "God forbid, any of our kids would get hurt."

Matassa Saturday defeated land surveyor Clint Cointment by a slim 115 votes. Cointment tells 9News he will not comment on the race or declare his concession before the parish clerk makes an official tally of votes Tuesday morning.

Speaking to 9News on November 12, he talked about his unhappiness with parish infrastructure.

"We have to ask ourselves, why are we not doing better? I mean, is this the status quo because it seems to be. My objective is to do better than this," Cointment said.

Matassa Saturday called Cointment a good opponent and a hard worker. Cointment on the other hand, has reportedly called Matassa part of the "good old boy" system of Louisiana politics. Matassa is a childhood friend of outgoing president Tommy Martinez.

"This is my 19th year, and I was always a public servant. And I guess if he would have won, then after four years he would have been a 'good old boy' too, I guess," said Matassa.

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