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Jindal Proposes Prayer Resolution

Washington - Congressman Bobby Jindal introduced a resolution in the United States House of Representatives in support of prayer before school board meetings and condemning the court ruling banning the Tangipahoa School Board from beginning its meetings with a voluntary prayer.

"I refuse to sit idly by while a small, but hostile, group of national liberals continues to attack faith and the faithful," Jindal said.  "Elected officials, such as those in Tangipahoa, choosing to seek wisdom and guidance through prayer, is not only something to be protected, it is something to be encouraged.  We ask much of our elected officials, but we should not ask they abandon their faith in order to serve."

Congressman Jindal had previously spoken to the Louisiana School Boards Association during their annual convention in Alexandria, LA.  During his speech to the convention on Friday March 4, he offered his support to the members of the Tangipahoa School Board as they pursue an appeal of the federal court ruling and promised to offer this resolution which will express the support of U.S. House of Representatives as well.

"Congress begins its sessions with prayer.  So does the U.S. Supreme Court and the Louisiana State Legislature," Jindal continued.  "If prayer is allowed in those venerable institutions, it should be just as wholeheartedly supported in Tangipahoa."

The resolution was introduced during the House session on Thursday.  

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