Together Louisiana gathers to discuss benefits of Medicaid expansion

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Together Louisiana, a network of organizations and religious congregations, wasted no time pointing out one major difference between Louisiana's current leadership, and the governor-elect.

While running for office, John Bel Edwards committed to support Medicaid expansion in Louisiana. However, six states have governors in favor of the expansion, but were shot down when it came to a vote.

Monday, dozens of faith and community leaders gathered to announce their renewed grassroots push to get health insurance coverage for uninsured residence across Louisiana.

"We congratulate Governor-elect John Bel Edwards on his firm commitment to accept Medicaid expansion," said Rev. Lee Wesley. "We call upon our legislators, regardless of the political party, to support this effort and to stand with the citizens of our state."

Some of the examples given in support of the expansion at today's rally focused on the idea that residents could receive medical treatment at a reasonable rate, reduce crowding in emergency rooms, and could potentially help get the state budget on track.

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