Pierre Part woman charged with 49 counts of credit card fraud in alleged Facebook scam

Pierre Part woman charged with 49 counts of credit card fraud in alleged Facebook scam

PIERRE PART, LA (WAFB) - Assumption Parish detectives have arrested a woman they believe is behind an alleged online scam that stretched from Pierre Part to six other states.

Latisha Landry, 32, is charged with 49 counts of credit card fraud.

Some victims said they still had not received the items they ordered as far back as April.

Janice Twedt, like many people this time of year, turned to the internet to do a little shopping.

"Clothes for grandkids, clothes for myself, clothes for my husband, clothes for my older son, Christmas gifts," Twedt said.

Twedt said, as she scrolled through Facebook, she came across Elite Boutique in Pierre Part. She has receipts showing she made several purchases from the online store on August 31, September 1, and 5. The orders totaled just over $50. But she said her items were never delivered.

"Towards the end of September I should have had my stuff. I order through the web all the time so I know when where I'm going to get my things," Twedt said.

Twedt said when she took to Facebook to complain to the owner, Latisha Landry, she noticed other Elite Boutique shoppers who claimed they were also waiting for deliveries. The group got together and started a Facebook page called Scammed by Elite Boutique United. It was there Twedt met people like Victoria Koors, from Kentucky.

"When we would ask about our items she would say, 'I mailed them,' and then she would send us tracking numbers, and when you would research the tracking number they would come up invalid in the postal system," Koors said.

Twedt said Landry eventually responded to a private message and invited her to her house, a small trailer in Pierre Part, to see if the stuff she ordered was there. She said, to her surprise, it was.

"She grabs a bag off her desk, opens it up, and low and behold there's my shirt. It was going to somebody else," Twedt said.

Twedt and others filed complaints with the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office. To their relief, Landry was arrested on Sunday.

"She's not going to steal somebody's kid's Christmas. She's not going to hurt anybody else," Twedt said.

Landry is in the Assumption Parish Detection Center. No bond has been set.

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