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Baton Rouge students get hands-on physics lesson

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An AP Physics class at McKinley High School got a hands-on lesson in understanding Newton's Law Thursday. 

Their teacher Barbara "Rain" Araneda invited a group known as the Airseekers to demonstrate and reinforce kinematics, the mechanics of motion. Airseekers performers use a four-legged rig and silks for aerial arts while suspended in the air. 

The students discussed strength to mass ratio while watching one of the performers twist and drop. 

"Where is the force the highest?" Araneda asked. "The top, the middle, the bottom? Do you remember? You had a test on it yesterday." 

She said the class will use the demonstrations to calculate forces and the mass of the performers. 

"My physics classes were never like that," said Jamie Ray, who owns the Airseekers.

Ray is in the process of developing an education component to use for a science camp with her team. Things like teaching how weight forces matter as performers climb, tensions on the silks and how force is distributed to the legs of the rig. 

"Up until now, physics has been pretty uninteresting to me, but today it was fun," Asia Reese said. 

For the hands-on part, students partnered up to do acro-yoga to help them understand how weight force and motion apply to balance. 

"They are able to feel the force and understand how much force they push back in order to stay in transitional equilibrium, in order to stay balanced and have a net force of zero," Araneda said. 

She hopes that by getting out of the classroom, the students will have a better grasp of how what they're learning applies in life. 

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