Louisiana DHH issues $9.6 million in loans to improve drinking water systems

Louisiana DHH issues $9.6 million in loans to improve drinking water systems

IBERVILLE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals approved a $9.61 million loan to help improve drinking water in some Louisiana communities.

The loan was approved and given to the Iberville Parish Council and Point Wilhite Water System to improve local drinking water infrastructures.

$1.6 million will go toward funding the Point Wilhite Water System for the construction of several structures and water tanks and for associated piping, electrical work, site restoration, chlorination system upgrades and emergency power equipment.

Implementing these improvements will bring the system into compliance, solving existing violations.

"Point Wilhite is the first system in the area to permanently address the issue of disinfection by-products," said Henry Schuler, P.E., consulting engineer for Point Wilhite Water System Inc. "The proposed improvements will provide the system's consumers with safe, compliant water for years to come."

$8 million of that loan will go toward the Iberville Parish Council who will install a 12-inch water line that will allow their water system to handle demand from two water treatment lants.

The funds will also be used to raise two of the existing 450,000-gallon elevated storage tanks, normalizing water pressure for users.

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