The Investigators: Internal affairs report outlines why EBRSO fired deputy

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office denied the 9News Investigators a public records request, but we fought back and ultimately obtained the internal affairs report on former Lt. Tracy Baker.

Baker was fired two weeks ago after he made a post on his Facebook page on Sept. 30, 2015 about his trip to the McDonald's in Central.

Baker told the 9News Investigators he was in the drive-thru lane when he noticed his line was moving slower than the other and when he approached the window, he said he heard the lady who takes orders say, "F---ing a--hole cop. Black lives matter too."

Sheriff's investigators said in the report that two reasons Baker was fired were because he did not cooperate with internal affairs and was not truthful. Some specific examples were noted in the report such as, "Lt. Baker stated that he did not know how to access Facebook or social media."

"That is a lie," said Baker in response. "What I said was I'm not very well versed in accessing social media."

On Monday, Baker said his wife put up the post for him, not him adding he did not use his work phone or computer. But the internal affairs report notes "Lt. Baker's computer was used to originate the Facebook article."

Baker: That's a lie. It's the sheriff's computer that was in my office and basically they can take it and put
whatever they want on it.
Kiran: You did not use your work computer to make that post?
Baker: (I) Did not.
Kiran: Who made that post?
Baker: My wife.
Kiran: While you were at work?
Baker: While I was at work.

Investigators also questioned the woman who allegedly made the remarks to Baker. She told them that Baker said while in line "Could you please move the f---ing line up" and described her as "she was f---ing rude."

Kiran: Did you curse at all at the drive-thru window or anywhere?
Baker: Absolutely not. That is not true.

The woman at McDonald's denied to investigators saying the words "black lives matter" saying she would never say something racist like that.

Baker: She said it. I'm sure she wouldn't admit it, but does she also deny saying "f---ing a--hole cop?" Does she deny that?
Kiran: Why are their investigators saying that you said all of this then?
Baker: Because Sid Gautreaux told them to put it in there and they're hoping you will go away.

It's why Baker said if McDonald's has a video showing what happened, as they claim, he would like to see it.

"There is no video, definitely no video or audio of me cursing at anyone and if they have video of her saying that, they're sure not releasing it," said Baker.

In a court petition, McDonald's called Baker's claims "false" and said the video "confirms that Baker's inflammatory allegations are simply untrue." When the 9News Investigators asked for a copy of the video, the owner of McDonald's, Chris Valluzzo said it is part of evidence and will be reviewed by a judge.

The report went on to say Baker was fired because he violated other policies such as conduct unbecoming, personal use of social media and more.

Kiran: Do you feel you have violated any sheriff's office policies?
Baker: Absolutely not.

Baker said he feared officer safety, which is why he wanted the woman taking orders removed from that specific position, not have her fired. He added he's gained nothing from this, instead lost everything like his 26-year career, benefits and even money for the holidays.

Baker: Why would I make this up. I love going to that McDonald's. I went to that McDonald's for years. I'm saying the whole thing that they're putting out is a lie. Sid Gautreaux is lying.

For three straight days, the 9News Investigators have reached out to Sheriff Sid Gautreaux requesting an interview. Today, our calls and email were not returned. I also continue to reach out to Chris Valluzzo, who said he cannot comment until the legal proceedings are over.

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