Baton Rouge non-profit asks for donations for Thanksgiving Day meal

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Besides mentoring and teaching at-risk youth about the ins and outs of the restaurant business, Baton Rouge chef Chris Wadsworth has been missing the kitchen atmosphere.

"That hustle and bustle of being in the kitchen everyday," he said.

The former Restaurant IPO chef is in the process of starting his own eatery, Gouter, located on the corner of Government Street and East Drive. The small plate restaurant, Wadsworth describes as a true taste of sportsman's paradise. He says if you can fish it, catch it or trap it, it will be served.

"Old school Louisiana cooking. The way you used to, in a cast iron pot," Wadsworth said, but with an upscale twist.

He's pushing to have the restaurant open before Christmas. While he's working on construction, he's also planning another big meal.

Last year, he and his students at Triumph Kitchen fed 200 people a Thanksgiving meal that included all the trimmings along with homemade desserts. They used donated items to serve a hot dinner to anyone who needed one. This year, he's hoping to give back the same way. He says so many people have helped his students, with tuition costs, etc. it's important they give back.

"Anybody can come. We don't ask questions. You need a meal, it's available.

In order to get it all done though, they are asking the community to donate the items they'll prepare. Wadsworth says right now they are in need of proteins: turkeys and hams.

"You're at the store and maybe you pick up two extra cans of green beans or maybe there's a sale on turkey and you got extra ... we take all these ingredients and create a wonderful meal for folks on Thanksgiving."

Items can be d ropped off at the office behind the restaurant at 3897 Government Street.

They plan to have dinners boxed at ready for pick up at 11 a.m. Thanksgiving Day.

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