What's next for Gov. Jindal?

Gov. Bobby Jindal drops out of presidential race

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - After five months of campaigning, Governor Bobby Jindal called it quits.

"My parents came here 45 years ago in search of freedom and opportunity. Never in a million years did they think I'd be governor much less run for president," said Jindal. "This wasn't our time."

The governor ended his presidential bid in time to finish his final weeks as Louisiana's top official and reflect on the legacy he leaves behind.

"The governor will tout economic development. He'll note that many plants came here and he balanced the budget without raising taxes until this last year. So those are the two things he took around the country and tried to become president, but the country didn't buy it," said political analyst Jim Engster.

After focusing his presidential efforts on Iowa, Jindal said he plans to return home to a think tank to continue to pushing conservative policies. However, at the age of 44 some believe Jindal's political future may not be done yet.

Engster suspected he may, after some time, trade the title governor for senator.

"He is a political animal. He ran for governor at 32, he ran at 36, he ran at 40 and in between he was elected to congress twice. He knows politics. He likes politics," said Engster.

Jindal's advisors said the decision to quit the race did not come easy, but after running what they called lean campaign, his staff said the finances were just not there. Advisors also blamed the national debate formats which kept the lowest polling candidates, including Jindal, from the main stage.

As for endorsements, Jindal would only say who he would not be supporting.

"It's not going to be Trump," said Jindal.

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