The Investigators: EBR Sheriff's Deputy fired over McDonald's Facebook post

The Investigators: EBR Sheriff's Deputy fired over McDonald's Facebook post

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It was Sept. 9, 2015 at the McDonald's in Central on Hooper Rd. Tracy Baker, who was a lieutenant with the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, said he was going through the drive-thru when he claims several cars in the other drive-thru lane were moving forward, but not him.

"So I asked, 'Was there a problem?' and she said, 'No, we just busy,' and I said, 'Well, the other line doesn't seem to be busy'," said Baker.

Baker said he went up to the window where the manager gave him his food but he noticed an African American woman with a headset on behind her allegedly saying under the breath, "F---ing a--hole cop" and "Black lives matter too."

Kiran: Were you argumentative at the window at all?
Baker: No.
Kiran: Did you cuss at anyone at any point?
Baker: No, I was in uniform ma'am. I would never curse at anyone over the loud speaker.

He said he told the store's district and regional managers about the alleged incident, but said he later saw that same woman still working there.

So he took to Facebook telling all his followers about what he said happened that day. There were over 700 likes and more than 1,300 shares to that particular post.

Kiran: Why did you post on Facebook?
Baker: I felt like it was a matter of officer safety. A lot of police officers go through that McDonald's.

He said soon after, the owner of that McDonald's, Chris Valluzzo started calling asking to meet with him. Then, on Nov. 4th, Baker was served a letter from the sheriff's office saying because of  "...your Sept. 20, 2015 Facebook post," he was being fired after 26 years with the sheriff's office.

"I asked who had complained and the internal affairs investigator advised me that the sheriff had complained," said Baker.

McDonald's told the 9News Investigators that they fully investigated the deputy's claims and found them to be false, saying they have video that shows their employee did nothing wrong.

Baker's termination letter said his conduct was unbecoming and he allegedly lied to internal affairs in claiming that he did not use his work cell phone or work laptop to create the post.

Kiran: Where was the post posted from?
Baker: From my wife's computer at home.
Kiran: Why did your wife make this post?
Baker: Because I was at work.

Baker's profile picture was a picture of McDonald's with the words, "McDonald's does not back the blue." Last Thursday, Nov. 12th, he received an email containing in it a restraining order banning him from posting any more defamatory statements on any social media about McDonald's, but he said he has yet to be served personally.

"Does not mean a thing to me because until you have been served personally, then it's not in effect," said Baker.

The 9News Investigators reached out to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff, Sid Gautreaux. We were told he would not comment.

Baker told us in his 26 years, he never had a write up or any disciplinary actions. We asked for his personnel file and documentation about his termination, we were denied saying it's an invasion of the employee's privacy.

McDonald's owner, Valluzzo, said he was not available to interview and instead, issued a lengthy statement:

To our loyal customers and all law enforcement personnel:

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