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LSU students hold moment of silence to support Mizzou

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Thursday, LSU students gathered at the university's clock tower for a moment of silence in the midst of racial tensions at another SEC school. Leaders of some student minority groups say they felt compelled to do something to show solidarity with students at the University of Missouri.

"Show us how to love one another in an unbiased way, Lord," one student prayed, prior to the moment of silence. "Just allow us to form a community campus that we can all feel as one big family."

Prayers were offered up for all Mizzou students, where the school's chancellor and president have resigned amid allegations that nothing was being done by the administration to address threats made against minority students.

Part of Thursday's rally included the LSU students forming an "M", to support those students.

"We understand what it's like to be a minority at a [Predominantly White Institution]. I love my school, trust me I do. I wouldn't go to any other place. However, LSU does have its problems. So I can understand how it feels to feel misplaces at your own school," said Cimajie Best.

Three people have been arrested for making threats at the campus in Missouri.

An interim president has been named until a permanent replacement is found.

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