Georgia-Pacific: Loud noise no longer being heard at Port Hudson plant

Georgia-Pacific: Loud noise no longer being heard at Port Hudson plant

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - Georgia-Pacific said Tuesday night that the noise that was coming from the Port Hudson plant since early Monday has stopped.

Georgia-Pacific said the noise was never a safety threat.

"This isn't actually a safety issue as it is, basically, just steam going up into the atmosphere instead of going into a turbine generator, that's all it is," said Patty Prats, public affairs manager at the Port Hudson plant.

9News spoke to Georgia-Pacific Tuesday after several tips from people around Port Hudson concerned about the noise.

Officials said the noise came from repair work happening on a generator and steam that was released from the plant.

"It just happens to be very loud because you have a lot of pressure going through a system to be released," said Prats.

Prats compared the process to a giant tea kettle. On behalf of the plant, she also gave an apology directed toward Port Hudson residents.

"I would like to apologize to our neighbors for this steam-vent that we're having and the noise," said Prats.

Nearly 1,000 people work at the Port Hudson plant. Prats said no one was worried for their safety.

However, some viewers who contacted 9News felt differently. Alfrieda Judson emailed 9News Tuesday morning saying "There is still a loud roaring in Port Hudson. Residents are very concerned."

The plant said it brought in third party crews from Texas Tuesday to work non-stop to help repair the generator and quiet the racket.

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