Reward offered after tires dumped on North Baton Rouge property

Reward offered after tires dumped on north Baton Rouge property
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A North Baton Rouge businessman needs the public's help stopping a problem he said keeps getting bigger.

Louis Vielee said people are dumping tires and all kinds of trash in front of his Mason Avenue property off Highway 190.

"I'm taking it in my own hands to try and get this place cleaned up," said Vielee, president of TMI Enterprise. "It seems like they do it at night because I don't notice it being done during the day time."

Vielee said it started small, just a couple of tires here and there. That was a few years ago. Now, a few tires has become a few too many.

"There's probably over a hundred tires here easily," said Vielee.

Vielee wants what's become a roadside dump to be no more. He put up signs saying it is illegal to dump garbage on private property.

He also installed three cameras and is now offering a reward.

"I posted my number on the fence here, on the sign, and I'm offering a $500 reward for the most information that leads to the conviction of the person doing this," said Vielee.

As for environmental officials, they say the state has an efficient system to properly get rid of tires, including drivers can take up to 20 tires at a time to any processor. That is why DEQ said there is no good reason for anyone to be doing this.

"Any time you see a site where tires or any trash has been illegally disposed of or dumped, you should notify local law enforcement or contact DEQ so that we can look into it and make sure that it's addressed as quickly as possible," said DEQ Assistant Secretary Chance McNeely.

State law fines anyone $500 if caught littering "intentionally."

If anyone has any information about the tire dump, they are asked to call Vielee at (225) 955-0648.

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