Lafayette theater where deadly shooting happened set to reopen soon

Lafayette theater where deadly shooting happened set to reopen soon

LAFAYETTE, LA (WAFB) - Officials have announced a reopening date for the movie theater where three people were killed and nine others were wounded in a shooting over the summer.

"The Grand Theater in Lafayette will open on November 19 at 7 p.m.," Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Duel said.

Durel arrived at the theater's box office Monday morning to purchase the first ticket since its closure five months ago. The shooting happened on July 23 around 7 p.m.

The two women killed in the shooting were identified as Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33. Breaux was a radiology student at LSU-Eunice and was scheduled to begin classes this summer. Johnson co-owned a boutique with her husband and was lead singer of the band The Figs.

John Russell Houser, 58, opened fire during the showing of Trainwreck. There were at least 13 rounds fired inside theater 14. The theater contained around 100 people. Surveillance video released by the Lafayette Police Department showed Houser purchasing a ticket, walking through the lobby and walking down the hall towards the theater room.

Police said Houser was not in the theater very long when he stood up and started firing, people began rushing towards the exits. The first two people who were shot were sitting directly in front of him inside the theater. Officials said Houser began to leave with the crowd, but turned around when he saw officers were already inside the theater. He turned around and moved against the crowd and then turned the gun on himself.

Police also released the LPD radio traffic from the time of dispatch until the time Houser is confirmed dead and efforts to provide medical attention to the injured victims began. During the radio traffic, you hear, "Everybody hang on! Be advised. They say he's inside, he's in uh, number 14. That he is reloading. He has a weapon. We have an active shooter here."

The 911 emergency calls were also released. The calls were made to 911 Communications district that were dispatched to LPD about the shooting. Officials said there were more than 700 calls made to police between 7:28 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft said Houser obtained the Hi-point 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun in February 2014 and obtained it legally from a pawn shop in Phenix, AL.

Houser had been in Lafayette since early July.

He suffered from multiple mental issues and had been committed by his family in 2008, according to court documents. He was involuntarily taken to a hospital in Columbus, GA. His family had petitioned the probate court because he was a danger to himself and others, according to the filing.

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