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Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank holds 'Supermarket Sweep' charity competition

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WAFB may have lost the Supermarket Sweep competition at a Capitol Area Albertson’s today, but our efforts helped contribute to a major win for the Baton Rouge Food Bank.

WAFB’s Steve Caparotta and Johnny Ahysen participated in the third annual People’s Health Supermarket Sweep. Various media teams participated in an effort to fill their baskets with food totaling more than the competition.

Team WAFB’s basket totaled $575, which was good enough for a second-to-last place finish. Still, every little bit makes a difference for the thousands of families the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank helps.

"The more food we can get to them, the better off they are,” says GBR Food Bank representative Mike Manning. “The more food secure they are which will help fight obesity and diabetes and hypertension because of the obesity issue."

More than $6,000 was collected, going to the food bank’s “Adopt-A-Senior” program.

Information about the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank can be found at their website HERE.

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