ULL Beer is Now Ready for Tailgating!

ULL Beer is Now Ready for Tailgating!

LAFAYETTE, LA (WAFB) - For months people have talked about what would be an instant hit at tailgate parties. Well as of this week, Ragin' CajunsTM Genuine Louisiana Ale is now in bottles, now on-tap and now in distribution.

The rollout was preceded by Ragin' Cajun Ale on tap back in September, but people could only buy it in a building, this means it can pack coolers and trunks. Kody Thompson, marketing manager for Schilling Distributing Company Inc., said demand has been high since the craft beer – on draft – was introduced in September. It sold out at the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns first home football game, for instance.

On Wednesday, Thompson said Schilling Distributing had only delivered bottles for one day.  But, in one day's time…"we went to 45 accounts and sold 380 cases. We're going to double that today(Wednesday)."

Bayou Teche Brewing is the original crafts beer creator of Ragin' Cajuns' brew. The little brewery in Arnaudville forged a partnership with the University of Louisiana Lafayette.

The brew is actually made with the classic staple ingredient grown here in Louisiana: Rice.

The Bayou Teche aficionados describe the "bouquet" (a la wine-vocabulary) as a "Crisp" taste.  You'll have to see for yourself.

Schilling's Thompson recommends using its free smartphone app, "LiquidFinder."  The app is available at the App Store and Google Play.  It will help you find the locations where you can buy Ragin' Cajun Louisiana Ale.  Thompson said the new beer "will be available at a lot of places. We will definitely have it in most of the big chains and independent stores by the weekend.. They're ready to roll with it."

Proceeds of the new craft beer's sales will be used to support the University's academic, research and athletics programs.

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