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ATC, town council reject permit for business connect to ex-Brusly police chief

Back Brusly Groceries (Source: WAFB) Back Brusly Groceries (Source: WAFB)
Jamie Whaley and Tricia Michel (Source: WAFB) Jamie Whaley and Tricia Michel (Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB) (Source: WAFB)

An ex-police chief in Brusly was in the spotlight again Monday night.

Jamie Whaley and his girlfriend, Tricia Michel, recently applied to sell beer and liquor at a convenience store the two recently bought.

However, the state Alcohol and Tobacco Control Board recently rejected that application for Back Brusly Grocery because Whaley is a convicted felon so he cannot own a business that sells alcohol.

Whaley and Michel were in front of the Brusly Town Council Monday night, trying to get them to sign off on a permit.

"I have spoken to my immediate supervisor about the constant discrimination, and I'm prepared to quit my job if needed to ensure this business is successful, and to prove I did not buy this business for Jamie," said Michel.

"If Ms. Michel comes forward with an application where her name is the only one on there... I will not deny it, in which case it still comes back to the town council for approval or disapproval," said Brusly Mayor Joey Normand. "And you still have to deal with the state, who made it very clear in their letter that their concern is that you're hiding your ownership behind Ms. Michel."

The Brusly council voted to reject the permit. Whaley and Michel say they plan to appeal.

A permit was recently filed with ATC showing Whaley owning none of the business.

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