Baton Rouge launches new service review app

Baton Rouge launches new service review app

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - From restaurants to repair shops, it only takes a few clicks to let people know how they're doing. Now, the city Baton Rouge is joining the world of digital feedback.

"It's a wonderful opportunity, we think, for the citizens to recognize good work done by city employees or let us know where we can do better," said city administrator William Daniel.

The city is now a part of a free app called Expresit. Much like Yelp or other online review services, users can weigh in on the city's many services, giving positive or negative feedback.

"We hear the negatives, but we also need to hear the positives as well," said Eric Romero, the city's interim information services director. "We take all that information, we analyze it and then we can better address throughout city-parish."

Users search for "City of Baton Rouge" in the app. From there, users can select the department they'd like to comment on, answer a few questions and leave a comment. Users can even highlight a specific employee.

Comments and reviews are then sent to each department manager.

"They'll be able to see it in real time as feedback comes in, but they'll also receive weekly reports," said Romero.

It will also be up to managers to make sure that the comments are genuine, and anything posted will be public record. The Mayor's Office said the new tool will connect the city to residents like never before.

"This is the era of technology and we're going to embrace it where it makes sense," said Daniel.

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