Trick-or-Treaters celebrate Halloween in Baton Rouge

Halloween parade rolls through Baton Rouge
Source: Kevin Frey/WAFB
Source: Kevin Frey/WAFB
Source: Kevin Frey/WAFB
Source: Kevin Frey/WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Ghosts and goblins pounded the pavements Friday night in the Metro Baton Rouge area, all celebrating Halloween.

Trick-or-treat was moved up by one day in many parishes in response to the rainy weekend forecast.

In Kenilworth, Camille Smith dressed up as Thing 1, the blue-haired, red-clothed sidekick to Dr. Suess's Cat in the Hat. Her friends dressed up as the other two main characters from the book.

"Thing 1 and Thing 2 are like awesomeness and you've got to have the Cat in the Hat," Smith said.

After a successful candy quest, the group of friends went back home to a full spread of food, including fruit, vegetables, popcorn, and of course more sweets.

Her parents, along with their friends, all came together for the celebration, each contributing a food dish. The parents also dressed up in costumes, including a Minion, a witch, Wonder Woman, and more.

"That's what South Louisiana is all about - friends, family, food," said Camille's mom, Jill.

The holiday is not just about the kids, said neighbor Emily Ladd.  She along with her husband decorate for the holiday, collecting toys and props and setting them up around their house.

"We have fun with all this stuff," she said. "I play with it more than the kids do."

They have a toy vampire that jumps out of its coffin, a mechanical hand, and lots of lighted eyeballs. 

"The kids like them when they come, and the parents like them," Ladd said. "It's fun to watch the kids. That's the best part."

And while spending time with family and friends is certainly a key to the holiday, the kids all agreed on one thing.

"You can't forget about the candy," Smith said.

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