EBR students raise $500 for breast cancer research

EBR students raise $500 for breast cancer research
Ronald Gibson (Source WAFB)
Ronald Gibson (Source WAFB)
(Source WAFB)
(Source WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - On Friday, students at McKinley Middle Magnet in East Baton Rouge Parish donated $500 to the American Cancer Society for research to find a cure for Breast Cancer.

The fundraiser was the idea of one of the sixth graders at the school.

"I really want to help end Breast Cancer. I don't want people to have Breast Cancer," said 11-year-old Ronald Gibson, III.

For $1.00, students could shed their usual school uniform and wear pink instead.

Gibson said he got the idea last year, while watching a football game where all the players were wearing pink. He said he did the same type of fundraiser at his elementary school, Forest Heights, last year. They raised about $300.

One of Gibson's teachers described him as a generous, genuine boy. He actually went to her first with the idea to collect money at the middle school.

"He said Ms. Faulkner, I really would like to do something to support Breast Cancer Research," said Della Faulkner. "He's a young man with an old soul."

Faulkner is also a cancer survivor. She said she was diagnosed at 19 with ovarian cancer. The tumor that was removed from her ovary was the size of a basketball and weighed 22 pounds. She's been cancer free for 18 years.

Gibson says when he got to school on Friday, he was surprised to see so many students dressed in pink.

"I never expected this much."

Gibson's dad says he does a lot of research about cancer and decides who to donate the money to. Last year, he chose Mary Bird Perkins.

"I want different charities to do different kinds of research so that we can find a cure faster," Gibson said.

A spokesperson with the American Cancer Society said Breast Cancer is the number one reason people contact them.

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