White Castle hosts 4th annual Boo on Bowie

White Castle hosts 4th annual Boo on Bowie

WHITE CASTLE, LA (WAFB) - More than 700 children had piles of early Halloween candy Thursday in White Castle. That's because Wednesday night they went to "Boo on Bowie" at a community center on Bowie Street.

The event, now in its fourth year, is the brainchild of White Castle Mayor Gerald Jamarr Williams. He said it is a safe way to trick or treat and build community.

The line stretched down Bowie Street with quiet children, dressed in their costumes patiently waiting for their turn to walk around the gymnasium stuff with fun.

As they entered, smiling faces handed them Halloween bags in case they had not brought something in which to put their treats. A woman at the first table hands them a plastic bottle of colored fluid, probably a fruit punch.

Music blared over speakers and kids stopped at one table after another, the line seldom breaking into a mob because each kid couldn't wait to reach the point where they played the game, won a prize, or simply got more delicious candy.

White Castle law enforcement had their tables, and church groups, and banks. It was a community wide celebration.

Mayor Williams said he had about 300 children the very first Boo on Bowie and that each year it has grown.

"I want everyone to feel the love," Williams said. "The wonderful sense of community we have in White Castle."

As children squealed with delight, Williams headed back into the noisy gymnasium.

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