Amazing Kids: Joshua Butler

Amazing Kids: Joshua Butler

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - One young man is credited with saving his entire family's life, leading to a happy ending after tragedy.

The front of young Joshua Butler's home only tells part of the story. You get the full story when you see the back of the house. Luckily for Joshua and his family, the young man woke up in the early morning hours.

"I got up at 5," Butler said. "I saw some light up in the den because I thought my mom got up for something, but then turns out, when I moved the curtain, I saw everything was on fire."

Joshua's mother and sister were sound asleep in another room. It took Joshua a few attempts to wake them up.

"There was another door to her room, though. I said, 'Mama, get out. The house is on fire. Get out. She was deep asleep, though," Butler explained.

Eventually, Joshua's mom, Bretha Jones, did wake up.

"I grabbed my baby and I said, 'Let me see what he's talking about,'" Jones said. "And the flames was coming up so fast, so we had to run out the side door."

The entire family made it out thanks to Joshua. Bretha credits Joshua with saving the family.

"I don't know what would have happened if he wouldn't have been there to let us out," Jones added.

The family lost everything. Joshua's school bus driver was driving by the house to pick up Joshua from school when she saw the devastation. The bus driver immediately went to school counselor Linda McCann and alerted her of what happened. Linda immediately went to the house to assist the family in any way she could. She brought some used school uniforms to Joshua, knowing he wouldn't or didn't have any clothes to wear.

Linda believes Joshua is a hero.

"Joshua only thought of his family," McCann said. "He only thought of his little sister. He thought of his mother. So that is a hero for you. They don't think of themselves. They think of, 'What can I do to help others?'"

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