WBR deputies arrest 2nd suspect accused of breaking into church

WBR deputies arrest 2nd suspect accused of breaking into church

WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - Joshua Christal was arrested Wednesday by the West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office and charged with one count of simple burglary of a religious building.

Detectives say he and Chris Webb were caught on surveillance video breaking into the St. Paul's Baptist Church on Beuche Road in Port Allen on July 25.

Webb was arrested October 8 thanks to a Crime Stoppers tip. He was also charged with one count of simple burglary of a religious building.

Christal admitted to breaking into St. Paul's Baptist Church.

KIRAN: Did you steal from the church?
CHRISTAL: Yes ma'am.
KIRAN: You did?
CHRISTAL: I did only that one though.
KIRAN: What did you steal?
CHRISTAL: I took a computer and keyboard.
CHRISTAL: I don't know.
KIRAN: Why would you steal from the church?
CHRISTAL: I know it's wrong. I'm really sorry for what I did. I'm really sorry. I'm about to deal with my problems now so that's all I got to say.
KIRAN: There were a few churches broken into. Did you break into those as well?
CHRISTAL: I just told detective Young, there was only one, and I admit to the one I did.
KIRAN: What did you do with all the stuff that you stole?
CHRISTAL: I throw it away because I know they were coming to get me so I just threw it away, didn't sell it or anything, just throw it away.

KIRAN: Why didn't you turn yourself in earlier?
CHRISTAL: Because I was afraid. I was scared. I've never been through this before. I've never been on TV. I was thinking they may shoot me or something so I was just running.

Officials said the duo allegedly stole $15,000 worth of electronics from the church. However, that weekend in July up to six different churches were broken into in West Baton Rouge and Pointe Coupee parishes.

Detectives said they are awaiting evidence to return from the crime lab before determining if additional charges are pending for the two.

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