Teen charged with stalking arrested again after incident in LSU dorm room

Teen charged with stalking arrested again after incident in LSU dorm room

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - An LSU freshman was arrested after altercations with another student that happened on campus in his dorm room. The suspect has a history with the victim that includes a prior arrest in another parish for stalking.

According to the probable cause report, the first incident happened on Thursday, October 15. The victim claims she went to the dorm room of Mason Sillvestri, 18, and the two became involved in a fight.

"She advised she willingly went inside the room but a verbal argument broke out soon after inside the room," the officer noted in the report. "She was attempting to push Silvestri out of the way to exit the room and continued yelling 'let me leave' but Silvestri continued pushing her back and not allowing her to exit the room."

At some point the victim claims she was knocked to the ground and hit the back of her head. She allegedly required three staples to close the wound.

The second incident occurred on Monday, October 26 at roughly 3 p.m. The victim claims Silvestri was waiting outside her classroom and then followed her to her vehicle.

"When she arrived at her car, she pulled her phone out in an attempt to contact her dad to let him know Silvestri was following her," the officer noted. "At that time he then took her phone from her hands while she sat inside the car."

The victim says she later able to get her cell phone back from Silvestri.

Police met with Silvestri Tuesday afternoon. His attorney was present.

Silvestri was arrested and charged with simple robbery, false imprisonment and second-degree battery. He was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. His bond was set at $40,000.

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