OUR TURN - OMV Notices

Air: Tuesday, 10/27/15

I'm holding in my hand a copy of a letter that the Office of Motor Vehicles sent out October 13, demanding that this gentleman pay a delinquent debt for allowing his auto insurance to lapse. The problem is the OMV sent out about 1.2 million other similar notices on or about that very same date. Now, this person says he doesn't owe this debt and his letter directs him to call the OMV at a phone number on the document if he has any questions. Well, can you imagine hearing that automated message when he's trying to get through.

There are only about a million people in line ahead of you. This entire situation has been handled so poorly, it's hard to know where to begin. Some of these debts the state is trying to collect are 29 years old. If state officials wanted this money, they should have been much more diligent in attempting to collect it all along. Everyone involved should have realized that sending out more than a million threatening letters on the same day was a mistake. Pity the poor people who have to work at the OMV. Can you image what kind of month they're having?

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