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EBR District Attorney's office not pursuing charges against Brittni Clark

Brittni Clark (Source: WAFB) Brittni Clark (Source: WAFB)
Jassiah Clark (Source: Family) Jassiah Clark (Source: Family)

The District Attorney’s Office chose not to pursue charges against Baton Rouge mother Brittni Clark in connection to the death of her 4-year-old son. 

Clark’s son, Jassiah, was found dead on December 22, 2014 near his home on Robertson Avenue in a large, deep, water-filled well. Jassiah vanished from his home on Saturday, December 20.

Baton Rouge Police later arrested Clark for negligent homicide because they believed at the time the child was not properly supervised when he went missing. In the arrest warrant, witness statements accused Clark of often leaving her children unsupervised.

However, District Attorney Hillar Moore said further investigations could not prove those claims. Moore said there was nothing to show that Clark was directly responsible for her child’s drowning. 

The well where Jassiah drowned was a 20-foot deep pipe that was filled with water and camouflaged with mud and dirt. The city said it was the site of an old sewer station. After Clark's body was discovered, the hole was barricaded. 

Clark’s attorney Lewis Unglesby said Clark's family is pursuing a lawsuit against the contractors responsible for building the flooded well.  Unglesby says the contractor did not properly fill the hole and then later failed to fix the problem. Clark’s arrest came the same day the initial paperwork for the suit was filed. Unglesby called the arrest painful and unnecessary. 

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