North Baton Rouge pastor looking for temporary housing for recovering addicts

North Baton Rouge pastor looking for temporary housing for recovering addicts

BAKER, LA (WAFB) - A North Baton Rouge pastor is asking for help. Weekend flooding nearly destroyed a church treatment house in Baker for recovering addicts he works with.

"We took over a foot of water in the building," said Pastor Devin O'Neal of the Dream Center for Zion near the Baton Rouge Airport. "You know, this is what happened. We're going to believe God, and we're not stressing out about it too much."

"It's been a good place," said Stephen Smith, who lives in the home. "I hate to see it all under water like this. We're going to do what we can. We're going to get it back together."

The pastor must now find a temporary home for nearly a dozen men, all while cleaning up the mess left behind.

"All these guys are great guys. They souled out to the Lord," said O'Neal.

On Monday morning, after spending Sunday night at the pastor's home, the men returned to the rehabilitation house on Plank Road to save what they could and call for more help.

"If you have a piece of property or anything like that, we're open to all suggestions," said O'Neal. "We don't really know what we're going to do right now."

Everything that could be saved Monday stayed inside the house. Everything that was a loss was hauled away to the Baton Rouge City Landfill.

"We've got a full load. The back of the van and the trailer are full. Praise the Lord," said O'Neal.

The pastor is looking to relocate the men temporarily to another location. Anyone who can help can contact the pastor by visiting his website.

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