Remaining gubernatorial candidates prepare for runoff

Gubernatorial candidates prepare for crucial runoff election

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - No time to celebrate after advancing to the runoff for gubernatorial candidates John Bel Edwards and David Vitter.

Barely an hour after the primary race was called Saturday evening, Vitter launched an online fundraiser to boost his campaign finances via his Facebook page.  He also wasted no time taking aim at his opponent during his post-election speech.

"Voting for John Bel Edwards would be the same to voting to make Barack Obama governor of Louisiana and put those policies in Baton Rouge," said Vitter Saturday night.

Meanwhile, Edwards took time to meet with media Sunday morning in Baton Rouge.  Edwards started by emphasizing accessibility.  When it comes to finances, said he's confident he'll have the resources he needs by focusing on his state based, grassroots supporters.

He also fired back at Vitter.

"If he believes the biggest challenge facing Louisiana comes from Washington DC and this president, I suggest he stay in Washington DC and fight this president," said Edwards.

Campaign adds associating Edwards with President Barack Obama recently starting airing.  Vitter has repeatedly called Edwards "a true believer" of Obama.  However, Edwards hinted that he would not hold back if campaigning turned negative.

"If he wants to make it about associations with the president, I will engage him on his associations," said Edwards. "I suspect that the people of Louisiana will be more concerned and distressed about his than mine."

Saturday night Edwards lead with around 40 percent of votes. Vitter trailed with around 23 percent.  Now both candidates must try to win over the remaining voters.

Edwards said he's reached out to both Jay Dardenne and Scott Angelle, hoping to sway their supporters with what he calls a mainstream message. 
"The people in Louisiana know that voting party isn't going to get you what you're looking for, so they're going to look at the individual," said Edwards.

Vitter is also looking to court the remaining Republican vote. "I feel great about convincing Jay's and Scott's supporters to join our team. They realize we need solid, conservative Louisiana leadership to get us out of the ditch we're in," said Vitter.

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