Zachary mom promoting early detection through her breast cancer diagnosis

ZACHARY, LA (WAFB) - Veronica Wald rop says she was never the athletic type, she had more of a love for being creative. In school she was more interested in theatre and writing. Lately, she's been able to get back to her love for writing. It's not that she necessarily found more time to sit and jot down her thoughts, but rather it's something that fits into her schedule at the moment.

"I do most of my writing in chemotherapy," she said. "Lot of time to just sit with your thoughts."

Just a few months after giving birth to a second daughter, Wald rop discovered a lump in her right breast while nursing her baby. She was diagnosed with stage two Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Thankfully though, it has not spread.

As another form of therapy, she's started a blog. It's called The V-Team, Won't Back Down. There she writes about her cancer journey.

"I am under the age of 40. I'm 36-years-old. I have no family history. I am a healthy person. I never thought this would happen to me."

Wald rop says she read other blogs from survivors that gave her hope. Now, she's hoping she too can reach someone, while encouraging self-checks and the importance of early detection.

Her plan is to continue with chemo, through February. Then she'll have surgery and then radiation.

She says shes not been brave enough to leave the house without wearing a beanie on her head, but she's working up to it. She says she does have a wig that she's excited to wear for the first time.

Her hair loss is also something she's had to explain to her three-year-old daughter.

"Her favorite Disney princess is Rapunzel. Go figure. The one with the long hair."

On those particularly hard days, she finds herself in front of her daughters artwork that is partially decorating one of the walls in her house.

"How can you be unhappy surrounded by all this color."

Friday, October 23, the Crossfit Zachary is having a special fundraiser in her honor. It'll be from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. at the Zachary Fire Department. The event, called Barbells for Boobs, is to promote early detection.

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