Democrat Edwards faces Republican Vitter in runoff for governor

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John Bel Edwards, a Democratic state representative, will be in a runoff for governor with Republican US Sen. David Vitter.

Edwards received 40 percent of the vote and Vitter received 23 percent.

VIDEO: John Bel Edwards

VIDEO: Jay Dardenne

It was a very exciting night at the Lyceum ballroom in downtown Baton Rouge, which is where Edwards gathered with supporters after he realized the numbers confirmed he will be in the runoff for the governor's race with Vitter. There was great energy in the room after those numbers came in. Edwards thanked his wife, his family and the men who served with him in the army. He thanked a lot of people. He challenged Vitter to show up moving forward, which is something didn't really happen in the debates before the primary election.

There was also a big showing in Kenner for Vitter. He wasted no time mentioning to his supporters several times about how Edwards supported President Barack Obama. He said it is not a casual relationship and that it's no good for Louisiana. Vitter also pointed out Louisiana state politicians have done Louisiana wrong, sent it down the wrong path and that it needs a new governor with a new solution to bring it back together, especially the budget. He blamed a lot of the problems on Baton Rouge politicians.

Only four of the nine candidates running for governor were considered major contenders: Republican Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, Republican Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, Democratic state Rep. John Bel Edwards and Republican US Sen. David Vitter.

Gov. Bobby Jindal is term-limited after eight years in office.

The runoff election will be held Nov. 21.

The candidates below are listed in alphabetical order, as they appeared on the ballot.

Scott A. Angelle         Republican

"Jay" Dardenne          Republican

Eric Paul Orgeron        Other

S L Simpson               Democrat

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