Hand It On: Trinity Christopher & Donovan Robertson

Hand It On: Trinity Christopher & Donovan Robertson
Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson (Source: WAFB)
Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson (Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)
(Source: WAFB)
Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson (Source: WAFB)
Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson (Source: WAFB)

POINTE COUPEE PARISH, LA (WAFB) - While most high school seniors are focused on things like ACT tests, college prep and cramming for exams, two Livonia High seniors dedicated over six weeks of their time to raise awareness and funds for a great cause – the Janell Lacombe Brest Cancer Fund in Pointe Coupee Parish.

"These two seniors took this initiative and ran with it," said Livonia High School librarian Kristie Langlois, who nominated these seniors. "They came to me with this idea and just wanted somebody to support them."

Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson, two honors students at Livonia High, launched a campaign to sell pink T-shirts to "Pink Out the Jungle" for the Livonia vs. Plaquemine football game on October 16. Livonia High's stadium is known as "The Jungle."

Trinity is captain of the school's dance team, and Donovan is a member of the Class 3A State Champion football team.

All funds raised stay in Pointe Coupee Parish and are dedicated to the Janell Lacombe Fund, a local organization started by a Livonia High alumni in memory of his mother's long battle with cancer.

WAFB's Hand It On team paid a visit to Livonia High where Ms. Langlois assembled the seniors in the library. She told them we were going to do a story on life as a high school senior. Principal Stacy Gueho was there as were assistant principals Angelle Gosserand and Jason Lemoine. Pointe Coupee Parish School Superintendent Kevin Lemoine (no relation to Jason) was in attendance also.

"Channel 9 is also here with us today to help honor and commend two of your classmates, Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson, for their hard work and their charitable efforts for Pink Out The Jungle," Ms Langlois said.

Ms. Langlois asked the two seniors to come to the front of the room as she continued to address the assembly.

"On behalf of WAFB's Hand It On, I would like to present this $300 donation to the two of you," she continued.

Trinity was teary eyed with excitement.

"We decided to take it on because honestly we wanted to give back to the community," Trinity explained.

But our story isn't over. While we were speaking with Trinity and Donovan, Donovan became emotional and had to leave our interview for a few moments. You see, little did we know, Donovan's own mother died of breast cancer when he was very young.

Donovan's best friend and fellow Wildcat football star, the quarterback of the team CeeJay Powell felt for his friend.

"It gotta be hard to lose your momma at such a young age," CeeJay said. "I told him, I take the man as my brother. My momma be your momma."

The bond between these two seniors is stronger than ever.

Supt. Lemoine was touched and quite proud of the young men and women at Livonia High.

"You know, it's so wonderful to see what children think of these days and how proud we are," Supt. Lemoine stated. "This young man has been affected enough to where he wants to help others."

Trinity Christopher and Donovan Robertson rallied the entire student body together at Livonia High School. They also touched an entire community in the process. God bless you both!

To nominate someone for Hand It on, send an e-mail to HandItOn@WAFB.com. Remember to include your contact information.

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